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I‘m interested in a property, how do I schedule a viewing?

If you are interested in any of our properties, you can contact us by phone or by email. We will try to schedule a viewing on a date and time convenient for you. If you do not have time during the office hours, we can plan your appointment in the evening or during the weekend. During the viewing you will be carefully guided through the house and we will answer all your questions.

I recently viewed a property and I am willing to rent the house, how can I reserve the property??

If, after a successful viewing, you would like to rent one of our properties, we will once again inform you about the most important rental conditions. We also kindly ask you to transfer a reservation payment equal to half a month rent. The reservation payment is your confirmation to proceed and rent the property. After we have received the reservation payment, we will reject other candidates. The reservation payment will be deducted from the total payable amount.

What are the required documents when I want to rent a property?

In order to set up the rental agreement, we ask you to email us the following documents:

– A copy of your passport. (and you room mates)
– If you are employed, your employment contract with your payslips from the past 3 months.
– If you are employed: an employer’s certificate not older than 1 month
– If you are self employed: A certificate from the Chamber of Commerce, not older than 1 month.
– If you are self employed: the most recent financial statement of your company.
– If you are studying: proof of enrolment from the university and a signed guarantee from a family member with his employer’s statement.

Are there any additional costs, for example a mediation fee?

When you rent one of our properties, the security deposit and the first month rent have to be paid before you receive the keys to the property. All our properties are free of a mediation fee.

I have transferred the reservation payment and send the required documents, when can I sign the rental agreement?

After we have received the reservation payment and the required documents, we will set up the rental agreement within the next days. The rental agreement will be send to you by email, so you can carefully read it before signing it.

When do I need to transfer the security deposit and the first month rent?

Depending on the start date of the lease, we will schedule your check-in. The first month’s rent and the security deposit will have to be completely fulfilled at the time of your check-in. We advise you to transfer the outstanding amount a couple prior the check-in date. An invoice with an overview of the correct amounts will be send to you by email together with the rental agreement. 

I have recently rented one of your properties, but I struggle to contact the landlord.

Our service does not stop once you get the keys to your new house. For example you can contact us in case of emergency or when there is a defect in the house which needs urgent assistance. 

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